The Australian Hidayah Foundation Inc
"Our Best For Ummah Around The World"



Fight Diseases 

The AHF strives to treat and support the sick and disabled. We seek to improve medical treatments and we promote public understanding and awareness of particular health risks, diseases and disabilities.



Disasters Appeal

The AHF strives to support people to rebuild their lives in the wake of disasters and crisis.

We help the helpless and those who are abandoned due to cyclones, floods, fire and tragedy through the distribution of free food and materials, free medical aid and free shelter where and when required.


Sustainable Education

The AHF strives to offer a meaningful sustainable education and Hifz program.  We provide access to education for children and youth in disadvantaged rural communities.

We start schools from nursery to higher secondary levels as a part of our commitment towards the growth and development of disadvantaged youth and children irrespective of caste, creed and race.

From emergency relief to long-term development, The AHF strives to secure our Global Communities right to health, education and safe protection.  We also offer a meaningful sustainable education and Hifz programs.  We support basic education for children and youth from disadvantaged rural communities.

When a natural disaster occurs, The AHF launches an appeal to help those affected.  We collect and distribute funds to help the devastated communities.  Our purpose is to provide life-changing humanitarian support with emergency relief such as shelter, food, water and medical care.  In order to improve our Global Communities future opportunities, we provide infrastructure, schools and income generating projects.  We also provide vital funding for those who are on the ground saving lives with 96 hours, whenever and wherever crisis strikes.

We sincerely invite  you to join us to make the world a better place for the millions of people living in extreme difficulty and poverty.