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Ways to donate


Cash is the most popular way to donate with two thirds of people giving money in this way and more than 80% of charities accepting cash donations.

Whether you are sending money in personal, to The Australian Hidayah Foundation account, money order or Western Union, the benefits are obvious. You can decide when to give, give as much or as little as you like and there’s no further commitment.

Cheques/ Money Order/ Western Union

Cheques are still a hugely popular way to donate. They’re easy to fill in and hand over or put in the post, but the charity won’t receive your donation as quickly as other payment methods. Your cheque will need to be paid in by the charity and then it will take a few days to clear and as you can’t be sure when the charity will pay in your cheque, you also can’t be sure exactly when the money will leave your account.

Direct Debit

Direct Debits are a really convenient way to donate and are very popular with charities because they’re cheap to process and provide the charity with a regular income.

Credit/ Debit card

Donating money to charity using a credit or debit card is usually done as a one off payment, either online or over the phone.

And more…

There are lots of other ways to donate through to Paypal.